Rhian Walstow
Experienced teacher, course coordinator with QA and Welsh Bacc. 

2014 - Gemma envisages a future where her students can access real time careers opportunities through a digital platform that will also support those furthest from the labour market into employability. 

2015 - As her frustration at the diluted careers support for her students grows, Gemma leaves her career in teaching to pursue the miFuture vision,

2016 - miFuture technology is commissioned and a pilot launches in RCT and Caerphilly, engaging with 2000 young people and a host of earning, learning, training and volunteering providers.

2017 - With the pilot underway Gemma secures a passionate board of directors to take miFuture forward and deliver on our mission.

2018 - miFuture relaunches on a mission to mobilise young people into employability and prosperity.

recent programs

Our non- profit outreach program has worked with schools, Community 1st clusters, School of Hard Knocks, Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and Llamau. 

our leadership team


More than just connect Gen Z to employability options we employ and provide opportunities for young people to work within our organisation.

Marsha Ward
Aspiring genius and advocate of female Entrepreneurs.

OUR History

Darran Hughes
Brings clarity of vision, creativity in solutions and confidence in decisions.

Our founder

Paul Thomas
Specialist in networking, media and business development and teaching.

mission & vision

We are driven to mobilise a 100,000 young Welsh people towards a future of employability and prosperity.

I grew frustrated that no one was solving the careers issue or coming up with a relevant solution for this digitally native generation.

I want to bring a world of opportunities to young people, let them explore options they may not have considered and inspire them to engage with as many as possible.

Gem Hallett