Gem Hallett

OUR History


We are driven to mobilise a 100,000 young people towards employability and prosperity through the combined efforts of the miFuture app and foundation.

Paul Thomas

Specialist in business and education management.

Our founder


Create social change by increasing awareness and hightening the aspirations of those young people in schools, communities, care and risk of homelessness.


We collaborate with Schools, Colleges, Community 1st Clusters, Sport Interventions, Trusts , Housing Associations, Charities and Employability Projects. 

our leadership team

Marsha Ward
Aspiring genius and advocate of female Entrepreneurs.

I grew frustrated that no one was solving the careers issue or coming up with a relevant solution for this digitally native generation.

I want to bring a world of opportunities to young people, let them explore options they may not have considered and inspire them to engage with as many as possible.




Kathryn Foot
Careers professional with experience in HE, SMEs and 3rd sector.

2014 - Whilst teaching Gemma envisages a future where her students can access real time career opportunities through a digital platform that is quicker, easier and more engaging. 

2015 - As her frustrations and those of her students grow, Gemma leaves her career in teaching to pursue the miFuture mission.

2016 - Guided by 2000 young people to create the solution they want, miFuture technology is commissioned and a local controlled desktop pilot is launched .

2017 - With the app pilot underway Gemma gathers a passionate board of directors to take miFuture forward and deliver on the mission.

2018 - miFuture app launches nationally with a clear mission to mobilise young people towards employability and prosperity.