We believe all young people deserve access to employment, education, training and career progression in a format that empowers and supports them in a digital age – do you?

With miFuture, they:

• Log a personal skills audit
• Record achievements & qualifications
• Track applications and rejections
• Upload paper docs to digital
• Keep all information in one protected place
• Get notified of jobs, courses, and training

• Apply in a swipe
• Download, email and print their personal instant CV
• Understand where they ‘fit’ in the world of work and what opportunities are available.


Create social change by increasing awareness and hightening the aspirations of those young people in schools, communities, care and risk of homelessness.


We are driven to mobilise a 100,000 young people towards employability and prosperity through the combined efforts of the miFuture app and foundation.

Lets work together

Our aim is to ensure those about to leave education are aware of opportunities to transition to, we will drive social change by helping mobilise and improve the prospects of those who are furthest from the labour market.

How we work: 

• We come to you and deliver on site - only Wi-Fi and young person’s device needed
• Free download and registration with easy completion & instant personalised opportunities for all
• Reduce time spent on supporting young people in finding opportunities

• Reduce time spend on supporting CV and application writing 

• Play your part in reducing poverty and increasing employment levels in Wales, especially for Gen Z.

Bringing our app to you


We collaborate with Schools, Colleges, Community 1st Clusters, Sport Interventions, Trusts , Housing Associations, Charities and Employability Projects.