The miFuture Story

​​We are a social enterprise, based in the lush green valleys of Wales, who believe that career activities don't need to be boring.

Our miMentors are passionate about providing a solution for our tech savvy audience. We bring bespoke access to the miFuture web and app platform to the classroom; 

   Say bye to the days of writing CVs and searching newspapers and endless websites 

Say hello to the days of personalised option feed, generated CVs and instant applying.

​​"I realised that this generation is now conditioned to receiving individualised and filtered information direct to their devices, and that it seemed alien and unnatural for them to still go through the process that we had to."                  - Gemma Hallett, Founder

It is our intention that miFuture is embraced by 16-24 year old's. Their phone beeps… matches come through, a short series of swipes left and they have applied for training, jobs, courses and voluntary positions without lifting a pen. Our young people will now be at the leading edge, with aspirations, goals and opportunities at their fingertips.

Our Vision..

To provide young adults of employment age with real time, individualised and responsive career matched opportunities. 

PE teacher Gemma Hallett realised how frustrating the career process was for her learners and went about creating the miFuture Website and App, and more recently the miFuture Foundation and miAcademi. She's on a mission to ensure career lessons embrace leading edge technology making the process fun, fast and easy. 

Call us today on 07989173870 or Email the team at

Our Mission..

To increase the employability of young people in Wales through miFuture's digitial profile.

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miFuture Foundation is a Social Enterprise Ltd by Guarantee.