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  • We'd love for you to be part of our movement and connect your opportunities for young people. In return you get to leverage Gen Z's mobility and sociability to keep your brand ahead in the candidate pool, and source pre-qualified talent.

​As the most tech native generation ever, Gen Z move fluidly in and out of apps, messages and social channels for up to 10 hours a day. Combine this with their intention to career bounce, search and apply through mobile, you have a completely different talent pool to engage with than ever before. 

miFuture is the only platform that delivers real time pre- qualified career matches solely to Gen Z. At its core, miFuture connects our users with opportunities in earning, learning, training and volunteering through a single digital profile. A web and mobile application that bridges the gap between the minds of 16-24 year old's making career choices, and those organisations needing to connect with them.

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Passionate mentors that deliver our mission in the community.

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miFuture Foundation

On a mission to mobilise young people towards employability & prosperity.

Our Mission

Gemma Hallett

Teacher, mentor, volunteer coach and entrepreneur.

  • Our mission is to mobilise 100,000 young Welsh people towards employability and prosperity. Our foundation takes us into the heart of the community to support those furthest from the labour market and those in generational poverty.